Finux – a smart solution helping CFOs to make the right decisions

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finux – fino and GRENKE develop a smart solution, helping every CFO at small and medium sized businesses to make the right decision

Fino create GmbH is engaging with GRENKE digital GmbH to establish fino’s former idea of the so-called Finanzcockpit. The new solution „finux“ provides an intelligent analysis of the cash flow. finux provides every important financial information a CFO of small or medium sized business needs in order to make the best decision.

„GRENKE, established for decades, is a proficiant partner in terms of sales and distribution as well as internationalisation. On top of that, GRENKE knows many small and medium sized businesses – our target group for finux. We, on the other hand, are leading in account analytics. With both our expertises, we develop finux quick and  elaborate“, explains the founder and CEO of fino, Florian Christ.

GRENKE and fino founded specifically for finux a new, correspondant GmbH.

„Together with GRENKE, represented in 32 countries and listed on the stock exchange, we will establish finux successfully in the entire European area“, says Christ.

The main component of finux is the analysis of the cash flow, which is enriched by a smart forecast. Moreover, finux uses every relevant informations provided by the businesse’s bank accounts, financial accounting and any other important data. In addition finux lists and cleverly sorts any customer and/or contractor and puts them in relation with the own business. In a visually appealing overview, a CFO therefore perceives every crucial criteria for the best, financial decision. This is exactly the product’s unique selling point: Instead of single modules for XYX, finux offers every important data at a glance.

Finux will be positioned by the end oft he year. For more information: