Get to know your customers – we will show you how!

Get to know your customers – we will show you how!

What do you know about your customers?”. You can probably answer the question relatively easily and have a wealth of data about what your customers want. These are usually the results of extensive market research. It is much easier today. You can ask the questions how satisfied customers are with you, what wishes they have or how to convince them even faster of the benefit of their own products / services can be answered by the customers themselves – The magic word is called “customer reviews”.

The relevance of customer reviews is undisputed. According to a recent Bitkom study, two thirds of all website visitors rely on customer reviews, and every second user even writes them themselves. The increasing relevance of customer ratings is strongly linked to digital transformation and the resulting change in consumer behavior. As a result, customers are becoming less and less interested in advertising and are instead learning extensively about products and services, e.g. on the Internet. Reviews from other users of equal interest are now considered the most important indicator in the decision-making process.

Praise and criticism are important parameters that you can use to be even more targeted in the market in the future. In this way, trends in customer behavior can be recognized at an early stage and they additionally increase customer satisfaction if they create an opportunity for interaction. Satisfied customers are not only important multipliers, they are above all cost-neutral. Satisfaction and higher or repeated interactions with companies also have a positive effect on the sales development.

Ratings below 4.5 / 5 are considered negative

Compared to other methods of market research, it is also easier to obtain information – the question is how you can give your customers this opportunity. The good news is that you can answer all questions with just one solution. 

Advanced functionality enhances

Wie sich zeigt, wirken Bewertungen als unterstützende Faktoren für den Absatz. Seit Beginn des Kontowechselservices konnten wir bereits über 100.000 Bewertungen (also ca. 136 pro Tag) generieren. 2017 konnten die Funktionalitäten noch weiter ausgebaut werden. Dabei wurde auf einen ganz anderen Ansatz gesetzt: krittiq. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine App mit Assets wie der Recommender-Funktion, also einem Empfehlungsdienst. Dieser kann genutzt werden, um Leistungen wie z.B. Versicherungen u.ä. zu bewerten. Gleichzeitig können wichtige “Moments of Truth” identifiziert werden. So kann der richtige Zeitpunkt, bei dem sich die Meinung über ein Produkt bzw. eines Unternehmens festigt, abgepasst werden und zur Bewertung herangezogen werden. Etwa wenn ein Schadensfall gegenüber der Versicherung geltend gemacht wird: Sobald die Zahlung der Versicherung auf das Konto eingeht, wird der Kunde darüber benachrichtigt und kann Feedback geben. Auf diese Weise erhöht man die Relevanz und erhält direkt die Bewertung / Feedback wenn das Involvement am höchsten ist.As it turns out, reviews act as supportive factors for sales. Since the beginning of the account switching service, we have already generated more than 100,000 reviews (ie about 136 per day). In 2017, the functionalities could be further expanded. It was based on a completely different approach: krittiq. This is an app with assets such as the recommender function, ie a recommendation service. This can be used to service such. Insurance and the like to rate. At the same time important “Moments of Truth” can be identified. Thus, the right time, when the opinion about a product or a company consolidates, be adjusted and used for the evaluation. For example, if a claim is made against the insurance: As soon as the insurance payment is received, the customer will be notified and will be able to provide feedback. In this way you increase the relevance and get directly the rating / feedback if the involvement is highest.


  • Modular integration of feedback into existing applications
  • Cross- and up-selling opportunities through recommender function
  • Identification of moments of truth, e.g. via online banking
  • Low-cost and resource-poor access to customer opinions
  • Direct interaction option
  • Minimize scattering losses
  • Targeted alignment to customer needs
  • Simple IT integration

Before your customers find out about your business on other platforms, it’s best to give your customers a chance to express their opinions. Krittiq feedback gives you this opportunity. Contact us now.