yoli – a smart companion in your pocket

yoli – a smart companion in your pocket

Already the notice period missed by the phone? The neighbor pays lower electricity costs than you? Always log into online banking to check the account balance? Elaborate, time-consuming and nerve-racking! Celebrities and people in high positions often have assistants to inform them about finances and make decisions. Would not it be nice if everyone could afford such an assistant?

Take, for example, Tim and Anna:

Tim and Anna are having a pizza together with friends. Then Tim’s assistant yoli answers via the smartphone and reminds him that the notice period for his mobile tariff is about to expire. He will be shown matching contracts based on his previous contract. Tim can easily cancel his previous contract between calls and sign a new one. Satisfied, he leans back and enjoys the rest of the evening.

Both let yoli always take a look at the bank accounts. So you always get a current forecast, which is based on the income, the expenses and how much the two stand out from the bank account. In this way, Tim and Anna always know what’s left of the money at the end of the month in all likelihood in the account. That’s great, because both are looking for new blood and want to finance a bigger apartment. In order to avoid annoyance with the documents at the bank, yoli has prepared everything: she helps the bank with an overview of the financial situation of the two and at the same time shows which credit line they can afford. With this information, the credit for the new apartment, depending on the respective credit score, conveniently grant.

After the new apartment is moved, yoli tells Anna: She has noticed that Anna’s address has changed. Promptly gives yoli a recommendation for a cheap electricity tariff, so they can save money despite the larger apartment compared to their old electricity provider.

At the beginning of September, Tim is reminded by yoli to file the tax return. Since Tim works as a freelancer from home, he had previously been on the shelf full folders and had to go through them by hand. Together with yoli, Tim has been able to save individual invoices and digitally file them in recent months. Are invoices, e.g. Received by e-mail, yoli has automatically assigned them to the appropriate contracts filed and Tim informed about smart alerts – this pays off now: Since the most important documents were filed automatically and Tim could easily photograph bills / receipts, he can now his tax return in a short time and is pleased about his repayment.

After a few months, Tim, Anna and yoli get to know each other better and yoli realizes that both have some money left per month. Does not it make sense to set aside some of the money for a savings account for the offspring or to invest in a private old-age provision? In the background, yoli has already collected matching packages from their own bank, thus saving both of them searching.

Shortly after the birth, the two receive child benefit for the first time. yoli has everything under control and realizes that the two have not taken out any insurance for their child together. Immediately appropriate insurance policies are proposed without Anna and Tim have to deal with the search on the Internet.

As often as Tim and Anna deal with yoli, so entertaining is the contact – and the nicest thing is: yoli disappears right back in your pocket, because yoli can be easily downloaded as an app.