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Account switching service at the BBBank

With more than 100 branches and over 450,000 members, BBBank is one of the largest member banks in Germany. It is the only cooperative bank for private customers / retail bank in Germany. BBBank offers its customers services in the areas of bank accounts, credit and construction financing, pension provision and various insurance policies.

Background of the account switching service

If end customers want to switch their account to another bank, they often think of it as a complicated process, which in turn, involves a great deal of effort on their part. This is where fino’s account switching service comes into play. On the customer side, the services answers questions such as “Who needs to be informed”,”What is necessary?” or “How long does the account switch take?”. For the banking staff it consultant, answers to questions such as “In which life situation is the bank client in?” or “Is there a need for communication?“

With the fino switching service, customers are given the opportunity to switch their entire bank account, including all payment partners, from the old to the new bank within a few steps and minutes.

Implementation at BBBank

Since March2016, the fino account switch service has been in use at BBBank as awhite-label solution. Customers can decide whether they want to carry out the change online themselves, e. g. from home, or in a joint conversation with the bank’s employee in the subsidaries.

One of the advantages of the joint conversation is that customers receive direct answers and further information when questions arise. During the conversation, the client’s data is included. Then, the customers are logginginto their existing online banking account. Here, all revenues and payment partners are identified by our intelligent algorithm, categorized and compared with our self-learning database. Should it be the case that payment partners are not identified, they can simply be added manually.

The customers then deposit the new account data of BBBank with a single click. After these few steps the account has moved to the BBBank and can be used immediately.

Added value of our solution

  • Convenient, fast customer onboarding with just a few steps.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers can use the new bank account immediately.
  • Experience-oriented consultancy approach.
  • Higher advisory quality through personal consultation.
  • Account switch can be the starting point for further BBBank services

We are pleased to be able to support BBBank as a partner in its efforts to continue to offer its customers a high standard of service in the future.

Since March 2016, the fino account switching service has been in use at BBBank as a white-label solution. Customers can decide whether they want to carry out the change online themselves.