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Our switching service as credit card replacement at the Hanseatic Bank

As a private bank, Hanseatic Bank offers its customers nationwide support in the areas of consumer credit (credit cards and personal loans), deposits, insurance and factoring. Founded in 1969 for the trade credit business of Otto Versand, in 1976 she received the license as a full bank. In 2005, the French bank Société Générale acquired 75 percent of the shares in the company as part of a long-term cooperation with the aim of expanding the consumer loan business. 25 percent of the shares continue to be held by the Otto Group.

The Hanseatic Bank offers its customers simple and individual financing solutions as optimal added value for their personal financial planning.

Background to the credit card change

Often when changing to a different bank, in addition to the transfer of the actual account, other components, such as credit cards, moved. At this point, the fino credit card switch based on the intelligent account change service. End customers can use it to find out in which payment partners the old credit card has been deposited and then deposit the new credit card of the Hanseatic Bank. The service not only serves new customers after first handing over the credit card, but also existing customers whose credit card has been lost or expired or who simply want to use the service.

Implementation at Hanseatic Bank

Since December 2016, the fino credit card switch has been in use at Hanseatic Bank. After activation of the new credit card, customers will receive an e-mail with a link to the deposit service. This will take you to a personalized landing page where you will be asked to log in to the old credit card or giro account. Now, the fino algorithm identifies the online stores and payment services where the old credit card is currently deposited, via the previous sales.

Subsequently, the identified payment partners are listed, after which customers can deposit the new credit card in their customer areas. Once done, the old credit card can be terminated through a pre-generated form. After the credit card change has been successfully completed, customers have the opportunity to provide brief feedback on the process.

Added value of our solution

  • Higher customer satisfaction: easier, faster process.
  • Time savings: Elaborate research of payment partners is eliminated.
  • Fewer cancellations in the payment process by the deposit of the new credit card.
  • Security: fast exchange of credit card information in the event of theft or expiration of the card.

We are pleased that, as a partner, we can support Hanseatic Bank in offering its customers a high standard of quality in the future as well.

The fino credit card replacement has been in use at the Hanseatic Bank since December 2016. After activation of the new credit card, customers will receive an e-mail with a link to the deposit service.