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Digital self-disclosure: Our solution at Süd-West-Kreditbank

The South West Bank (SWK Bank) is one of the leading direct banks in Germany. For almost 60 years, it has been offering its customers loans and time deposits on fair terms via the Internet. SWK Bank has received multiple awards from TÜV-Saarland for high customer satisfaction and excellent service quality.

Background credit granting

When awarding a loan, there are many things to keep in mind: How high should the loan be? Can my client afford the loan? What about the credit rating? This is exactly where the digital self-information from fino comes in. Current data can be used in real time and thus provide a sound profile for banks and end customers. This profile is used for lending. This results in a quick and meaningful picture of creditworthiness 

The digital self-disclosure structures and categorizes transaction data. The resulting information is aggregated to develop an overall picture of the customer. Banks and other companies can use digital self-assessment to conduct a comprehensive customer assessment and minimize their risk. On this basis, the customers can obtain an overview of their finances and decide whether they can afford a purchase or a loan. 

Thus, both answers to important questions from the bank to the applicant, as well as vice versa, can be delivered quickly and easily. Depending on the target and goal of the partner, the aggregated data can be processed differently for the respective use case. In addition, a credit check (e.g. a german Schufa query) can also be performed. The digital self-information can not only be used in lending, but offers different applications, such as  forecast, proof of income, tenant instant information or dealer protection. 

Added value of our solution

Banks and other companies can use digital self-disclosure:

  • Carry out a comprehensive customer assessment: The parameters of digital self-disclosure are often of a new value to banks and companies because they reflect a more valid picture of customer creditworthiness.
  • Save time: Due to the extensive data of the account movements of the customer, the bank receives detailed insight and can thus create an even more meaningful customer profile and recognize “risks” early on.
  • Expanding their target group: Customers who do not yet have sufficient account history at the new bank can use their old account of digital self-disclosure.
  • In the future: if necessary Provide access to multiple accounts, credit card bills, or Paypal accounts.

Due to the interface to the house bank, the customer no longer has to send account statements to SWK Bank by mail and the electronic data can be processed in real time at SWK Bank. Thus, a loan payment is guaranteed within a bank working day.

We are pleased that, as a partner, we support SWK Bank in the future to be able to offer its customers a high standard.

SWK Bank has received several awards for high customer satisfaction and service quality.