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Our switchting service as a deposit switch at the Wüstenrot Bank

Wüstenrot Bank AG Pfandbriefbank is part of the Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG based in Ludwigsburg. Wüstenrot Bank AG Pfandbriefbank supports its clients with checking/giro accounts, card services, fund brokerage and online activities.

Background to the deposit switch

When customers change their custody they often have some questions, e.g. “Do I have to sell all stocks if I want to switch?”. Sometimes they also think that the process is too complex and time-consuming, which makes them hesitate. Therefore, banks are faced with the challenge of making the switch as easy as possible without omitting information about legal consequences. Together with fino, the deposit switch was simplified at the Wüstenrot Bank. In four simple steps, the user is guided through the process and finally receives a generated form with all information, which are relevant for the change.

Implementation at Wüstenrot Bank

Since June 2017, the Wüstenrot Bank has been using the intelligent deposit switch from fino. Right at the beginning, the customers chooses the type of transfer of depot – here the individual cases, also special cases like “inheritance”, are explained in a short, understandable way. After logging into online banking, the positions of the old depot are compared. Subsequently, investment and bond positions are determined in the old bond account. All relevant information of the various positions are displayed directly, for example the ISIN / WKN, the bond name and the current market value. Once these have been identified, the customer receives an overview in which the customer has the option of transferring the positions, piece by piece or in total.

Finally, a form is generated from the process with which the bond account change is completely recorded and executed.

Added value of our solution

The entire process is not only fast, but above all intuitive. The simple menu navigation guides the customer step by step through the process and eliminates any hurdles. The depot switch happens fully automatically within a few steps. On the one hand this minimizes sources of error, on the other hand it ensures that within 5 minutes the entire depot is transferred with all items including all special cases.

We are proud that we support the Wüstenrot Bank as a partner in the future to be able to offer its customers a high standard.

Since June 2017, Wüstenrot Bank has been using fino’s intelligent deposit switch.